Chippie Kennedy

Title: Amore

Artist: Chippie Kennedy

Medium: Bronze, Edition #1 of 6

Dimensions: 20" x 11" x 10"

Born: Ottawa, Canada 1956

Chippie Kennedy’s work is driven by her fascination with the presentation of the human form. She began a career in fashion design in New York City, exploring the movement of the body in cloth, enjoying ‘it’ as a hanger or show-piece for clothing. Her fascination with texture, drape and movement later left her wanting to deepen her understanding of the physical body beneath, this paved the way to sculpture. After becoming widowed in 2004, and after much reflection, Kennedy decided it was time to follow her life long dream. In 2009 she moved to Italy to study sculpture at the Florence Academy of Art (2009-12) and stayed on to work for one more year before returning home.

Her transition from cloth to clay parallels her search for the inner self, the understanding of human form and spirit.....

Chippie studied at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, the National Academy Museum and School of Fine Art in New York and Fashion Design at Ryerson University inToronto, Canada.

She now lives and works in Millbrook NY.