Frøydis Aarseth

Title: Self Portrait

Artist: Frøydis Aarseth

Medium: Oil on Linen

Dimensions: 11" x 20"

Frøydis Aarseth was born in Norway in 1986. She has always known what she wanted in life and that is to live life as a figurative artist - not only to paint paintings that are beautiful to look at, but also to convey a deeper importance that will give the viewer something more than only aesthetics.

She began her studies at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy in 2006 and graduated from the academy in 2009. After this she continued her studies in Paris, France under the direction of the figurative master Odd Nerdrum. 

Growing up in a small village next to the Førde fjord in Norway has made a big impact on the themes in Frøydis's paintings. She paints still lifes, portraits and landscapes. She paints from live models and her landscapes are painted plein air.

Frøydis Aarseth is a full time artist and runs her own school of figurative art in Bergen, Norway.