Jordi Diaz Alamà

Title: Artista que se venden, Cristina

Artist: Jordi Diaz Alamà

Medium: Mixed Technic over paper glue on wood

Dimensions: 23.6" x 19.7"

Jordi Diaz Alamà was born in Barcelona in 1986. He is a painter and drawing teacher at the School of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona, where he graduated in 2008. After completing his bachelors he received a scholarship and stayed for a year in Arauco’s Foundation with the painter Guillermo Muñoz Vera in Madrid (Spain).

After that, Jordi went to Florence (Italy) for study in the drawing and painting program at The Florence Academy Of Art.

During summer of 2010, Diaz-Alamà was studying with the painter Odd Nerdrum in Norway. In 2011 he studied with Antonio López Garcia in Ávila.

He was also a Master and doctoral student in art productions at the University of Barcelona.

Diaz Alamà was awarded first prize in"Figurative's 11" of the Foundation for the Arts and Artists in Barcelona. His "Goodbye dear Chon" was selected by BP Portrait in National Portrait Gallery in London. Honorable Mention in the 5th contest Figurative Painting and Sculpture in Figurativa's 10. He currently has works on display at the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) in Barcelona, the Caja de Avila, and in various galleries.

Diaz Alamà, is director and founder of the Barcelona Academy of Art, where he teaches traditional drawing and painting.