Louise Camille Fenne

Title: Augury

Artist: Louise Camille Fenne

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 25" x 30"

Louise Camille Fenne was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1972. Having a Danish father and an English mother, she grew up and went to school in both Denmark and England.

Louise studied drawing in Aix-en Provence, France and at The Glyptotek, Copenhagen, before enrolling at The Florence Academy of Art in 1995, being intrigued by the possibility of studying traditional painting and drawing techniques. There she studied cast and figure drawing until moving to Amsterdam in 1997, and later Lucca , Italy, with the American painter Charles Weed, from whom she learnt the basic painting techniques necessary for exploring this medium further on her own.

Since 1990 she has shared a studio with Weed in Svendborg, Denmark, where they live with their two children. However, from August 2012- June 2013 the family has spent the school year in Florence, Italy.

She has participated in numerous group exhibitions both in Europe and in the States.

“I paint mainly portraits, still lifes and interiors. My inclination to paint is driven primarily by the desire to make a visual statement rather than an intellectual one. Therefore my subjects tend only to be the means to a greater aesthetic end. The paintings are observations made over time, in layers, that I hope finally result in a harmony, giving the painting its own life and allowing it to speak for itself.”

“I think my recent work has been greatly inspired by spending the year in Florence , Italy. Going back to the beginning, so to speak, and viewing the masterpieces of the renaissance anew with the eyes of a more experienced painter, which has consequently led to a desire to move beyond the strictly realistic.”

The artist has participated in numerous group exhibitions both in England, Ireland , and throughout Europe and the United States. She has been featured in American Art Collector in the November 2008 and April 2012 issues.

WEBSITE: www.louisefenne.com