Simona Dolci

Title: Diana

Artist: Simona Dolci

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 24" x 27.5"

Simona Dolci is a painter and architect.

She achieved a doctorate in Architecture at the Florence University under Leonardo Ricci and stayed on for several years to work as an assistant professor.

In 1983 she met the Florentine painter Nerina Simi and entered her atelier. There, studying drawing and painting, she understood her vocation and talent for art. Following this, she completed her artistic education at the Studio Cecil-Graves in 1991.

She has continued painting in her studio, situated in an old monastery in the heart of Florence, carrying on her artistic research. Interested in traditional painting techniques she connects in her images the study of the past with a contemporary sensitivity.

Since 1992 she has been teaching drawing and painting skills at the Florence Academy of Art to a generation of young artists, who have been attracted by Florence’s reputation as a leading centre for the study of professional art. As Director of the Intensive Drawing Program she deeply contributed to the development of this successful school of realistic art.

Over the years she has been winning awards and  positive acclaims for her works, which are to be found in private collections in Italy, France, England, Ireland, America and Mexico.