Cornelia Hernes

Title: Cocoon

Artist: Cornelia Hernes

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 15.75" x 19.7"

Cornelia Hernes was born and raised in Norway until the age of twelve when her family moved to Africa where Cornelia went to boarding schools in Kenya and Tanzania. Much of her fascination with exploring the human condition through her paintings can be attributed to her early exposure to different cultures. Her work is centered on portraying and evoking a large scope of emotions, ultimately with the aim of celebrating life.

She achieved a Bachelors of Fine Art with Distinction from University of Victoria, British Colombia, Canada in 2004. While in University she became acquainted with the paradigms of conceptual art. Following this degree, she pursued a classical realist training and graduated from the Florence Academy of Art in Italy summer 2007. She began teaching at The Florence Academy of Art during her second year as a student, first as a Teacher Assistant. She currently lives in Sweden where she continues to teach as a principal Instructor at The Florence Academy of Art in Göteborg and where she has her studio.

Since she began painting with oil on canvas in her late teens, Cornelia has been particularly interested in how to create a mood and a story through rendering human emotion and expression through a classical realist approach. Her interests within painting have expanded with time to include the serenity of still-lives, the intimacy of interiors and the archetypical power of mythological themes. She enjoys painting images that are open to creative and personal interpretations, as well as meditative paintings that celebrate the boundless beauty of nature and life.

Currently, Cornelia is progressing with several projects simultaneously. She is alternating between two landscapes and two thematic large scale pieces intermixed with several still lives. In addition to allowing each layer of paint to throughly dry, from a technical standpoint, this also allows her a fresh perspective on her projects as they move forward.


Maureen Hyde

Title: Thicker Than Blood (Still Life with Hat, Cards and Pipe)

Artist: Maureen Hyde

Medium: Oil on Linen

Dimensions: 19.7" x 27.5"

After receiving a MFA from the University of California at Los Angeles, I taught myself how to illustrate books.  I worked with children's picture books, covers for historical and young adult novels, and some classics.  My illustrations were inspired by older books, done in the classical vein, and so it was not such a long distance to make a decision to make a transition into fine art, based on a traditional approach. I then went to Florence to study with Daniel Graves in the middle nineties. I started to teach at the Florence Academy of Art in 1998, and have been teaching there ever since. Presently, I have a studio within the Florence Academy of Art, where I am an "artist in residency."

Because of my illustrative background, I am quite versatile, and beyond doing my own work, following my own vision, I also do commission work.  With my own work, I often integrate a more narrative angle to whatever I am painting.  I prefer the figurative narrative, but also work with portraits, still lives, and landscapes.


Chippie Kennedy

Title: Amore

Artist: Chippie Kennedy

Medium: Bronze, Edition #1 of 6

Dimensions: 20" x 11" x 10"

Born: Ottawa, Canada 1956

Chippie Kennedy’s work is driven by her fascination with the presentation of the human form. She began a career in fashion design in New York City, exploring the movement of the body in cloth, enjoying ‘it’ as a hanger or show-piece for clothing. Her fascination with texture, drape and movement later left her wanting to deepen her understanding of the physical body beneath, this paved the way to sculpture. After becoming widowed in 2004, and after much reflection, Kennedy decided it was time to follow her life long dream. In 2009 she moved to Italy to study sculpture at the Florence Academy of Art (2009-12) and stayed on to work for one more year before returning home.

Her transition from cloth to clay parallels her search for the inner self, the understanding of human form and spirit.....

Chippie studied at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, the National Academy Museum and School of Fine Art in New York and Fashion Design at Ryerson University inToronto, Canada.

She now lives and works in Millbrook NY.



Tatyana Kulida

Title: Her Gift to the World

Artist: Tatyana Kulida 

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 26" x 32"

Born in Russia, Tatyana Kulida completed her B.A. and M.A. degrees in the USA. After exploring careers in consulting and non-profits, drawn to traditional ideas of beauty and art she sought out the Florence Academy of Art to discover a solid foundation as a painter, graduating in 2013. Tatyana is a recipient of the Ann Lee and John F. Stacey scholarship awarded to emerging realist artists. She is a prizewinner of the ARC scholarship competition as well as an awardee of the 4th Year Prize apprenticeship at the Florence Academy of Art. In 2014 one of her portraits was accepted into the Royal Academy of Portrait Painters Open exhibition in London.

Tatyana currently splits her time between USA and Italy - teaching and painting figurative works as well as portrait commissions.



Leo Mancini-Hresko

Title: First Heavy Snow, City Hall

Artist: Leo Mancini-Hresko

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 21.5" x 27.5"

Leo Mancini-Hresko is a Boston-based artist.  During a study abroad program in Italy in 2001, Leo found The Florence Academy of Art, where he studied from 2001-2005 and subsequently taught until 2011. During his time at the school, Leo was the Director of the Drawing Program for Sculptors, taught workshops in Plein Air landscape painting, and lectured on Artist Materials.  Since 2012, Leo has been working from his studio in Massachusetts, and travels regularly to paint, exhibit and teach. 


Simone Mortiz

Title: Blue Dream

Artist: Simone Moritz

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 25.6" x 19.7"

Simone Olivia Moritz was born the 20th of May 1985 in Prien am Chiemsee, Germany. Growing up in a family that had strong interest in art and being surrounded by her father's big collection of books on art made her soon want to become a painter. Early on she was consistently drawing and painting and ever since pursued this goal. Her humanistic studies and play of the piano as well as extensive travels influenced her significantly. After graduating she was working for two years in an artist's studio taking freelance commissions such as model making for BMW or designing stage set ups for the theatre. 

In 2006 she enrolled at the Florence Academy of Art to deepen her studies and achieve the tools needed to express herself in naturalistic oil painting. In her first year of studies she received an award from the Academy followed by several scholarships the years after. She completed the three year program with a diploma and specialized on portraiture in her fourth year. In 2009 she started teaching for the Academy and is currently the Director of the Intensive Drawing in Sculpture Program.

Her work has been shown in several group and solo shows and is in collections throughout Europe and the USA, including Michael Huffington's collection.


Carla Louise Paine

Title: Reclining Nude

Artist: Carla Louise Paine

Medium: Oil on Linen

Dimensions: 60" x 32"

Currently living on a small farm located on a peninsula just north of Olympia, Carla Louise Paine completed her studies at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence Italy in 2011. Having learned the techniques of the old masters and nineteenth century classical painters, Carla continues the tradition of painting directly from life. Employing northern light in an old farmhouse studio, Carla spends significant amounts of time with her subjects, often live models, trying to capture the essence of what she sees using only paint and a brush.



Tanvi Pathare

Title: Narsicista

Artist: Tanvi Pathare

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 23.6" x 59"

Tanvi Pathare, born in Mumbai, India, showed a growing interest in the fine arts since a very early age. She graduated with honors from the prestigious Sir J. J. School of Art in Mumbai where she received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting. Following the allure of the realistic tradition of painting from nature, Tanvi attended The Florence Academy of Art, Florence, Italy, graduating from the Painting Program in 2012.

During her second year, she won the award for Best Figure Painting in the Intermediate Program, and in her final year, she was awarded Honorable Mention for Exceptional Overall Performance in Advanced Painting. She is recipient of the prestigious Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant for Painting (2012), and a finalist in the Figurative Category of the ARC International Salon 2012-2013. Tanvi began teaching at The Florence Academy of Art as a student, and is presently a principal instructor in the Intensive Drawing and Painting programs at The Florence Academy of Art. She works privately in her studio in Florence.

Post-Graduation, Tanvi's works focuses on capturing nature as we see it, but in a space that represents a psychological landscape. She captures the idea of being caught between the real and the other worldly, using human emotions as her main inspiration.


Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund

Title: My Amigo and Brother

Artist: Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 15.75" x 25.2"

”I draw, paint and sculpt, I bring emotions to form and light” - Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund

Per Elof Monke Nilsson Ricklund was born in 1987 in Örnsköldsvik, which is in the northern part of Sweden.

Drawing from young age, surrounded by paintings of vast mountain landscapes painted by his grandparents, fired his interest for conveying form and light and it's visual impact. Telling the silent story of people and the spaces in between them.

Always drawing he eventually realized that he had to go back to the roots of his impressions, nature. Sitting there with all it's answers. It makes him want to draw and to find the questions there.

In observing nature he found his source for material. With the help of experienced painters he learnt how to pick and chose from his impressions.

“Looking at the everyday beauty that's around us is what triggers and stimulates me”, says Per Elof, “I enjoy collecting the everyday poetry, it becomes part of my visual library. Which later I will bring out and apply when composing from my own feelings and thoughts.”

Per Elof is very happy to have found instructors who could teach him to organize his thoughts and learn the craft of painting. He feels very fortunate to have been introduced to Florence Academy of Art back in 2007, graduating in 2011 from the schools branch in Gothenburg.

“I was lucky to find instructors who could verbalize and demonstrate their ideas and skills. These individuals gave me fundamentals that will remain with me for the rest of my life. I feel that I'm obliged to pass this on. I feel everyone should be given the chance to see, learn the basics and explore their own vision.”

Thankful for the encouragement he received he willingly shares his thoughts and ideas.

“For me it is only fair to pay it forward, passing on what I've learnt and my own experiences with that, hopefully to help people see and connect with what it is they have around themselves.”

After some years in Florence as the Director of the Anatomy and Ecorche program. Per Elof currently resides in northern part of Sweden, exploring his native country with the tools and experiences he has gathered.

Since beginning at the Florence Academy of Art, Per Elof has received recognition, scholarships, honorable mentions and awards for his work around the world.



Paula Rubino

Title: Strong Bird Carrying Young Gentleman

Artist: Paula Rubino

Medium: Oil on Linen

Dimensions: 40" x 30"

Paula Rubino was born in 1968 in Trenton, New Jersey into a family of snowbirds who eventually settled in Florida. Not long after becoming a reluctant lawyer, she changed course and delved seriously into writing and painting, living in Mexico, Ireland, and eventually Florence, Italy where she received her diploma in Drawing and Painting at the Florence Academy of Art in 2000. She then studied etching with Richard Serrin, followed by working with Odd Nerdrum in Norway.

Rubino’s paintings are marked by spare, careful arrangements of people, objects, and space. Slightly absurd compositions, elements of humor, beauty, and strangeness are sometimes employed to subtly convey social messages.

Based in Stuart, Florida, Rubino also paints in her studio in southwestern Finland.


Angel Ramiro Sanchez

Title: Double Portrait

Artists: Angel Ramiro Sanchez & Melissa Franklin Sanchez

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 25" x 39"

Angel Ramiro Sanchez was born in 1974 in Maracaibo, Venezuela. At age six he was accepted with a full scholarship into the Instituto the Ninos Cantores del Zulia, a school for musically gifted children.  At age fourteen, he began five years of apprenticeship with the realist painter, Abdon J. Romero, an eminent specialist in murals for churches and public buildings.  In 1993, a study grant from Mgr. Gustavo Ocando Yamarte, Founder of the Ninos Cantores, enabled him to travel to Florence, italy, where he studied at the renowned Accademia di Bella Arti, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1997.  At the same time, he was enrolled at The Florence Academy of Art, founded by painter Daniel Graves, where he received a diploma in Painting.  Ramiro was appointed senior painting instructor at The Florence Academy of Art in 1997 and is currently Director of the Advanced Painting Program. 

Ramiro paints only from life, searching for accuracy beyond physical appearance to reach the psychological state of his subject.  He believes the painter must draw his information from "all five senses" to tell the complete human story.

Ramiro's work is predominantly represented by the Grenning Gallery (Sag Harbor, NY), Scriba Gallery (Venice, Italy) and the Jack Meier Gallery (Houston, TX).

Ramiro's works can be found in numerous private collections in Europe, the United States and South America.  Public collections include: The Fondazione Stelline (Milan, Italy), The Fremantle Foundation for Foreign Artists in Tuscany (Villa Peyron, Florence, Italy), The Muscarelle Museum of Art at the College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, VA), and the Suffolk County Historical Society Museum (Long Island, NY).

Ramiro shares his life and passion for art with his wife, the artist Melissa Franklin-Sanchez, and their son Rafael.

Steffen Schubert

Title: The Fall

Artist: Steffen Schubert

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 29.5" x 27"

Growing up in Eastern Germany Steffen Schubert experienced the fall of the Berlin Wall. That event brought huge changes to his home country and at the same time opened great new possibilities for his future.

Always drawn to the visual world and his love for creating things he decided to study Multimedia and Computer Science. He introduced a class of figurative drawing from life model to the school and pushed and developed the creative part of the program as far as possible assisting the school in developing. In his final year he took on an internship in the visual effects industry in Los Angeles. Internship turned to a job and Steffen stayed in LA for 6 years having worked successfully on many commercials, music videos and movie productions. After his success in the visual effects field as now artist, supervisor and creative director Steffen was ready for the next step. In 2009 he left California to travel around the world and find new inspiration.

Two years later that quest brought him to Florence. Still true to his passion for creating and a growing love for the work of the old masters Steffen decided to study classical painting and drawing as new media to express his ideas.

In 2011 Steffen joined The Florence Academy of Art to study the techniques of the old masters and further his understanding of art and beauty. Since then he won 3 scholarship prizes from the Academy.

This year he won the 4th Year Prize from The Florence Academy of Art and will study directly under Daniel Graves from October 2014 till June 2015.


Lori Shorin

Title: Manna From Heaven

Artist: Lori Shorin

Medium: Polychrome Ceramic

Dimensions: 32" x 26" x 24"

Lori Shorin grew up embracing different cultures having grown up in New York and Belgium, and more recently has lived in Italy and Greece.

Currently in the US, she is creating multi-figure sculptural compositions influenced by her time in Italy, travels around India and the Spiritual teaching of the Self Realization Fellowship. The teaching promotes the unity of all religions through meditation.

“I’m interested in where science, metaphysics and religion, meet, observe, listen, and interact with each other, especially where the alchemy mixes in a way that cultivates peace. I’m inspired to translate these concepts into works of art with a goal of promoting world harmony through the beauty of the human form.”

Lori now resides and maintains a studio in the New York area and teaches undergraduate students at The School of Visual Art in New York City. She studied for four years at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, earned an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania and BFA from the State University of New York of Binghamton.


Vitaliy Shtanko

Title: Merchant

Artist: Vitaliy Shtanko

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 59" x 72.8" (framed)

Vitaliy Shtanko Was born in 1979 in Ukraine. From a very young age he had a big passion for drawing and creativity in general and would receive a lot of practical instruction from his father (also an artist). He later studied at Drogobych Art School from 1990 until 1994. Then, in 1997, he became a student of Lvov’s Academy, named after Fedorov  (the faculty of book illustration), where he continued studying classical approaches to painting and drawing until 1999. He also attended private studio lessons in drawing and etching during that time.

In 2000 Vitaliy moved to Florence with his family.  He attended evening classes at the International School of Comics and Illustration for a year before returning to his study of classical painting techniques with Daniel Graves at The Florence Academy of Art. After graduating from the Florence Academy in 2010, Vitaliy was offered a position as the principle instructor for the drawing and painting programs where he currently continues to teach during the academic year and for workshops. When he is not teaching, Vitaliy works full time in his studio in the center of Florence.

Since 2001 Vitaliy has participated in numerous collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad and organized several personal shows. The main subjects of Vitaliy’s artwork are portraits and human figures, but he works in parallel in other genres such as still life, landscape and genre painting.

Latest shows include participating in group exhibitions at galleries in the United States, England and Italy.

His works are collected worldwide. 


Jordan Sokol

Title: Tenold

Artist: Jordan Sokol

Medium: Oil on Panel

Dimensions: 14" x 14" (framed)

Jordan Sokol (b.1979) is a figurative painter from Queens, NY. He moved to Florence, Italy in 2003 to study painting at the Florence Academy of Art. After graduating in 2006 he continued to serve as a principal instructor in the Florence Academy's painting program, and eventually served as a program director until 2013.

Jordan has taught drawing and painting workshops at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, the Canova Atelier in Rome, the Janus Collaborative in New York, and the Art Students League of New York.

Jordan's work has been featured in numerous publications including 'Lessons in Classical Drawing: Essential Techniques from Inside the Atelier' by Juliette Aristides and in 2013 was honored as one of the '25 Artists of Tomorrow' in American Artist Magazine's 75th anniversary issue.

Jordan is represented by Arcadia Contemporary in New York City and Ann Long Fine Art in Charleston, SC. His work can be found in collections throughout Europe and the U.S.

Jordan divides his time between Madrid, Spain and New York City. He is currently preparing for the opening of the new Florence Academy branch in Jersey City, where he will serve as Academic Director.


Cecilia Thorell

Title: Making Plans

Artist: Cecilia Thorell

Medium: Oil on Linen

Dimensions: 34" x 34"

Cecilia Thorell is a native of Gothenburg, Sweden. Her interest in art began at an early age, spending time in the studio of her grandfather who was an artist himself. She began creating her own art first with watercolor and then moved into oils in her early teens. Her love of painting eventually led her to The Florence Academy of Art in Italy. It was here that Cecilia honed her skills to draw and paint in the old-master tradition. She graduated from the school in 2010.

Today Cecilia combines her classical training with modern flair to create uniquely contemporary works of art. She has had her work shown in various exhibitions and is represented by galleries in both the United States and Europe. Cecilia was featured in Southwest Art Magazine’s yearly “21 under 31” article as an up and coming artist to pay attention to. She currently lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado with her husband Michael DeVore and their daughter Ella.


Peter Van Dyck

Title: Dexter Street

Artist: Peter Van Dyck

Medium: Oil on Linen

Dimensions: 38" x 34"

Peter Van Dyck was born in Philadelphia in 1978.  He studied painting and drawing at The Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy from 1998-2002.  While studying, he also taught in the program from 2000-2002.  He returned to Philadelphia in 2002 to paint in his own studio and began exhibiting his work in numerous group shows in Philadelphia, New York and San Francisco.  He has had solo shows at John Pence Gallery, San Francisco in 2004; Eleanor Ettinger Gallery, New York in 2006; John Pence Gallery in 2008 and The Grenning Gallery, Sag Harbor in 2010.  

In 2003 he began teaching at The Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts where, in 2011 he bacame an Assistant Professor in the Certificate/BFA program.  In 2012 he was named one of the 25 Important Artists of Tomorrow by American Artist Magazine.  In 2013 his work was included in the book Painted Landscapes, Contemporary Views by Lauren P. della Monica.  His work has also been reproduced in periodicals including American Artist Magazine, American Arts Quarterly, Art News, American Art Collector, International Artist Magazine and Art and Antiques.


Jesús Emmanuel Villarreal

Title: Still Life with Strawberries

Artist: Jesus Emmanuel Villarreal

Medium: Oil on Linen

Dimensions: 14" x 16"

Jesús Emmanuel Villarreal has been recognized for his artistic abilities since his early teen years in Miami, Florida, where he studied at the South Miami School of Arts while taking additional studio instruction with Abdon J. Romero.  He earned his B.F.A. from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore in 2006. He then spent three years studying at The Florence Academy of Art until 2009, where he was teaching in his last year.  Upon returning to America, the artist started teaching at the Silvermine Arts Center in New Canaan, Connecticut, and was a guest lecturer at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in Old Lyme, Connecticut.  

Over his career, Villarreal has won numerous awards, scholarships and honors, including the coveted Grand Prize in the 2011 Portrait Society of America's International Portrait Competition and fourth place in the Art Renewal Center's Annual Scholarship Competition, among others.  

He has shown his work in several group and solo exhibitions in America and abroad. Villarreal is currently represented by Haynes Gallery (Nashville, TN & Thomaston, ME).  He also shows his work at the Forum Gallery in New York.  He now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.



Toby Wright

Title: Dogma

Artist: Toby Wright

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 30" x40"

Toby Wright enrolled at the FAA in 1999. Prior to graduating in 2004, Toby was invited by the FAA to teach in his 3rd year. His positions included: Assistant for the drawing program, director of drawing for the sculpture program, and senior instructor for the advanced painting program. After 12 years in Florence, his main focus alternates between figurative and landscape works.

Upon leaving Florence in 2010, he was welcomed at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, for a solo exhibition celebrating its centenary. He now paints on various commissions from his studio in Monaco, and hosts summer workshops for the FAA at Stowe School, in England.



Dana Zaltzman

Title: Gaya

Artist: Dana Zaltzman

Medium: Oil on Linen

Dimensions: 28" x 22"

Dana Zaltzman (b. 1982, Israel) began her formal college studies in 2005. At the same time she took evening classes in an academy of figurative art. After graduation in 2007 she studied in Norway with Odd Nerdrum. In 2009 she was accepted to the Florence Academy of Art, Italy, and began a 3 years drawing and painting program. She graduated in 2012.

Currently she resides in Israel, painting and teaching fine art classes.

Her work can be found in private collections around the world.