Tarra Bandet - Biography

Tarra Bandet expressed an early childhood passion for all fine arts, eventually focusing on symbolic narratives in drawing and painting. The common threads of mysticism and mythology are constantly interwoven in Miss Bandet’s approach to her own visual language. Diverse interests in painting and art history lead Miss Bandet to work closely with Abstract Expressionist painter Grace Hartigan from the New York School. After graduating with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Miss Bandet began teaching studio art at MICA and other colleges.

Miss Bandet has continued to explore contemporary art through her love for nature, symbolic narratives and art history with special interest in he Old Masters, Romantic Classicism, the Pre-Raphaelites and Art Nouveau. Multiple interests have flourished in Miss Bandet’s artwork, primarily with a focus in mixed media, painting, drawing, mosaic glass, sculptural forms and installation. Recently, a new concentration in art performance, video, curating and writing has expanded her art repertoire while collaborating with photorealist artist, Yigal Ozeri and the Richard J. Massey Foundation of Arts and Sciences in New York. Miss Bandet’s recent direction in curating and writing about art became a natural transition from teaching and her own exploration of an expansive art process.

Miss Bandet is a professor who taught art at Montgomery College in the Washington DC area. Presently, she has an art studio in the New York metropolitan area. Her most recent work has been exhibited in Paris and New York.